Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Information Design Workshop April 2010 at NID conducted by Andreas Schnider and Rupesh Vyas

Participants of the workshop
From left: Andreas Schnider, Brajendra Nandan Panda, Wanda Proft, Sebastian Muller, Shwetal Khaire, Gunveen Kaur, Poorva Kelkar, Reiko Yamagucchi, Takashi Kondo, Shipra Singh, Benjamin, C. Subash and Ankit Vyas
Discussions during one of the sessions in Product Design studio

The Japanese students from IAMAS, Ogaki

A one week workshop was conducted during 5th april to 10th april 2010 on Information Design with students from IAMAS, Japan and Berlin, Germany. It was guided by Prof. Andreas Schnider, Institute of Information Design, Japan and the Information Design faculty at NID, Prof. Rupesh Vyas. The students of Product Design who are working on their Systems Design course were the host students for the workshop and the main aim of the workshop was to come up with visual presentations for the research work which we had been doing from 3 months now. The presentations were prepared with the intention of showing them to higher authorities/stake holders of that system.

The ReDiscover Bicycle team had a chance to work with Wanda Proft (Visual communication Designer, Berlin) , Takashi Kondo (Interaction Designer, Ogaki Japan), and Reiko Yamagucchi (Architect, Ogaki, Japan). They helped us in presenting the field work and the research work in a handout format like a map which can distributed as a guide to the volunteers who wish to promote cycling in Ahmedabad.

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