Friday, April 9, 2010

ReDiscover Bicycle : Where it started?

ReDiscover Bicycle,a movement which is now far more then just a course.Frankly speaking the course was just taken as an opportunity to start with the idea awaiting long in my mind.So from where does this idea generated?It all came to me while attending a 5 weeks workshop on "Auroville:Creating Bicycle Friendly
in Auroville, 150 kms from Chennai and 10 kms from Pondicherry ( workshop was centered in creating a bicycle friendly environment thus demotivating the use of motorized transport which does not go along with the environment of auroville.
The workshop as a whole was focused on different area of development w.r.t bicycling.The basic outline of the project were:

Workshop Outline
• Each participant will work in one of the five mini-projects (tentatively: pathways,shelters, lighting, signage and accessories) within the overall theme.
• Each mini-project will have a small team of 3-4 people from different backgroundsand will be mentored by a senior Auroville expert.
• The collaborative design process, research techniques and decisions making will befacilitated through out the workshop by an expert.
• Teams will be provided space with Internet facilities at the mentors business unit.
• A series of plenary sessions, talks and videos will be scheduled throughout theprogram for sharing of results and experiences.
• The resulting concepts will be demonstrated by building prototypes.
• Participants and mentors are free to publish and show case the results in the publicdomain free of restrictions.

As the outcome of the workshop, a small stretch of bicycle path will be constructedand show cased with prototypes:
1. Bicycle shelter and stand
2. Bicycle path andentry barrier
3. Signage
4. Lighting
5. Bags, bike wear etc.

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