Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally the area is being demarcated for the docking of cycles for the sharing system. It is getting NOTICED, and people are keen to know more about the project. The suspense is building. I would like to appreciate Michelle and Katharine for their amazing dedication for the cleaning and painting of this area. Kudos!!
Michelle working hard to get the parking station for cycles attractive. I must appreciate her dedication to paint even in the burning afternoon of Ahmedabad.

Cycles after getting a fresh coat of paint.

Devi kaka painting the cycles for the campaign.

1 comment:

  1. hey guys,
    Really amazing work....

    ... firstly because ...
    you've been able to apply the concept in actuality.
    Though it would be interesting to see this concept on the streets of ahmedabad... and then in all metro cities...
    now that would be the real test.

    In Nid the constraints can be controlled pretty much... ( smaller crowds... but good for a test run)
    For bigger crowds - Theft and maintenance being the major factors. Arranging Portable GPS devices for cycles....( pretty cheap nowadays...) , misuse of vehicle by overloading for other purposes.

    interesting projects.... hope it sees the light.. :)
    luv what you guys have done...
    Congrats to ur team..... ( nice to see devi kaka painting the bikes)
    All the best.

    Gautam Madhavan Nair
    TAD 1st batch