Saturday, March 6, 2010

wow wow wow...

You see,somethin comes surprise to you and the first thing you say is "WOW".Yes this is what is happening to us right now at the moment.The time our project or you can say a "Dream" is published in the news paper (ahmedabad mirror dated 06/03/10) we are recieving a tremendous response from all over the ahmedabad.In fact people from all walks of life have called us in curosity to know what this project is all about?What we are planning to do?How can we help?and continued...

The response is amazing and thats where the "WOW" factor is coming.We didn't had the idea that there are people outside just waiting for such an opportunity.Really now i am enjoying it.
Now apart from looking it as a course or academic project , there is now a zeal inside, just to make it happen in any way and at any cost.Now i am willing to take the risks which i always enjoy taking.Its an opportunity that i see waiting for someone to just ignite and now i want to be that one.
And for sure i will b the one.Thanks a lot people for inspiring us and approaching us with ur sincere help.

ReDiscover Bicycle
Animesh Shrivastava :)
Transportation and Automobile Design
National Institute of Design

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