Saturday, March 13, 2010

NID Bicycle sharing : Initial start

Bicycle arranged for usage under A -hostel block

And as promised, the bicycle sharing in NID campus for NID community has been started (on trial basis).The no. of bicycles for the same are increasing accordingly.Thanks to the NID, the students and volunteers (outside NID) for a helping hand for this initiative.Now to start with we have 13 bicycles.Also thanks to media for spreading our idea to the people of Ahmedabad.
Whats next??The cycle pumps are being arranged,the numbers are being alloted to the bicycles and to make this system full proof some norms are being decided.
We have also inititated the talks with NID Administration regarding the same.Till then wait for updates.

Happy Bicycling


  1. hu huuu !! yippie..... am really excited about it !!congratulations animesh! it wouldnt have been possible without your enormous effort !

  2. not me alone.don't forget ur part.who is the one taking all troubles for research???u :)

  3. this is a great initiative.