Friday, March 12, 2010

Meeting with Christopher Kost, Technical Director, ITDP

It was an honor for all of us to have Chris among us to discuss about our cycling project at NID. He is a regular cyclist, and finds Ahmedabad a comparatively safer city for cycling due to slower vehicle speeds. His cycling experience in Ahmedabad was very insightful. As we were discussing the cycling experience in Ahmedabad, there were certain more issues which came forward, such as, people here generally lack road etiquette and the city is constantly and actively disrespecting to the cyclists. Also some proposals and solutions as to how to educate people came forward like observing one day every week or every month as the “cycling day” in institutions, offices, etc.
He is really interested and excited about making this project a success in Ahmedabad, and has agreed to offer all the possible ways he can help us. We look forward to some more meetings with him for our project because of his very useful insights on cycling in Ahmedabad.

But I wonder why we want to make cycling a special thing to do, why can’t it be something as normal for everyone- the rich and the poor as anything a part of their lifestyles?
It is good to promote cycling, but not by making it something special which can only be observed on special days because we only cycles to preserve it and not make it a part of our daily lives as a mode of daily transport?
That’s why we want to make cycling a part of people’s lifestyles. Unless we start cycling just for the sake of cycle, it cannot be brought back to the status of normal way of mobility.

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